G & T Show

The G & T Show is an audio podcast hosted by Nick Minecci (Gettysburg7), Terilynn Shull (TerilynnS), and Mike Medeiros (SoriedemSTO). Each week they discuss everything Star Trek from the televisions shows, movies, books, comics, and games to the fan produced films, series, fiction, and audio dramas. With regularly appearing segments such as Ask Dayton, STLV Update, Terry’s Voyager Watch, Star Trek Movie News, Writer’s Corner, Life Pod One, and more all from the perspective of story, characters, and Star Trek.

The O Sports Show

The O Sports Show prides itself on delivering the world's best sports news to our listeners. We welcome many different opinions on different topics happening in the sports world so we can guarantee that you receive the full spectrum of our discussions on the show. We represent a new age of sports analyzing which means our outlook on sports is fresh, modern, and always anxious to learn more. All of us involved in the show are proud to finally deliver sports news to you.

Live Love Play

Live Love Play(LLP) is a weekly content creator that caters to a broad spectrum of geeky interests. That is where this channel gets its name, the initials are a happy coincidence. Live, Live your life to the fullest. Love, Celebrate the things you love and don’t let haters bring you down. Play, Never stop playing because play keeps us young at heart.

Straight Outta Gallifrey

A podcast dedicated to much more than just the Doctor Who fandom but definitely steeped in it. Straight Outta Gallifrey covers a vast array of topics from episode reviews to fan interviews and even the philosophical and scientific perspectives taken by the show itself. And, if we have a little fun along the way, all the better. Jump aboard our T.A.R.D.I.S. There’s plenty of room.

Star Trek: Starfinder

Star Trek: Starfinder is an audio drama created by George Silsby and taking place adjacent to the Star Trek Online Universe. It follows the adventures of the U.S.S. Starfinder and its intrepid crew on their maiden voyage into an previously isolated, and newly accessible region of space known as the Outback.