Blood of the Nei’rrh

Blood of the Nei’rrh (BoN) follows the story of the Warbird Nei’rrh and her crew as they struggle for survival in an uncertain galaxy. The Loss of Romulus (ch”Rhihan) and Remus (ch’Havran) has devastated the Romulan Star Empire. Even after a generation, recovery is slow and ponderous. New Powers have risen that seek to dominate all Romulans and bring them back under its dark wings. Those that oppose oppression struggle for independence, desperate to shed the lies and deceit of the past. The Nei’rrh and her crew stand between these powers-a ship and crew caught in a storm of change. Though the way is dangerous, they will forge a path to survival and stability for Romulan, Reman, and any who thirst for freedom.

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Mike Medeiros is a storyteller, producer, web designer, and so much more.