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BLB Productions wants to hear from you.

Do you have a podcast, audio drama, or video production and are interested in adding your show to our network, use the form below to tell us about your show and include any relevant links and information.

Do you have any specific talents, skills, or abilities and are willing to donate your time to help make our shows even better, tell us about yourself and what you have to offer through the form below. If we have a project in production or in development that can benefit from your assistance, we will contact you will additional information.

We welcome good ideas. If you’ve got an idea, but lack what’s needed to produce the show yourself, share it with us and we may be able to help you bring your show idea to life. Tell us about your idea and what you need in order to get it off the ground, and we’ll see what we can do to help.

If you’ve got an Internet radio station and are interested in syndicating any of our shows, tell us about your station, and which show you’re interested in syndicating. We’ll gladly make our shows available.

Finally, we welcome your thoughts and feedback for any of our shows or those beloning to our partners. Tell us what show the feedback is for and we will forward it to the relevant partner.

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