Live Love Play

Live Love Play(LLP) is a weekly content creator that caters to a broad spectrum of geeky interests. That is where this channel gets its name, the initials are a happy coincidence. Live, Live your life to the fullest. Love, Celebrate the things you love and don’t let haters bring you down. Play, Never stop playing because play keeps us young at heart.

Under Live, I want to bring you content based on Living, lifestyle and adventure. This will include The Live Blog, a periodic blog about experiences, adventures, and most importantly food.

Under Love, I want to bring you content based on what we love, Fandom, Books, Music, Movies, TV, and much more. This will include Podcasts like Supergeeks.

Under Play, I want to bring you content based on gaming, recorded gameplay and commentary, Livestreaming on Twitch, as well as some tabetop.

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Mike Medeiros is a storyteller, producer, web designer, and so much more.